No messages have been added. November 1, Dr. Smith will sorely missed. He was a great friend and a great veterinarian. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for 40 yrs. From the time when he use to come to CCVH for monthly meetings with other veterinarians to helping him with his cardiac patients doing cardio-pets and radiography’s. He would send me letters up dating his drive to becoming a veterinarian in the 20th century. I can remember one letter stating that he had progressed from a rotary phone to a push button.

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It also describes the beginnings of maritime labor in the U. The entire part series was published in the Seafarers Log from June to June From the whip-lashed oarsmen of Roman and Spanish galleys to the crews of modern windjammers, seamen were usually underfed, underpaid and overworked and considered workmen beyond the usual recourses of the law.

Along with the harsh and vigorous nature of their daily labors were the constant hazards of seafaring.

UC’s New Title IX Coordinator to Focus on Listening, Engagement with Campus Community. UC’s new Title IX coordinator will focus on listening and dialogue with the campus and wider community as part of efforts to prevent and respond to cases of sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

However, if standard order sets are not carefully designed, reviewed, and maintained to reflect best practices and ensure clear communication, they may actually contribute to errors. The ISMP Guidelines for Standard Order Sets has been developed to help organizations ensure that the elements of safe order communication have been followed when designing paper-based or electronic order sets. The guidelines focus primarily on medication orders within order sets but also cover general aspects related to the design, approval, and maintenance of all standard order sets.

ISMP recommends using this checklist to guide the design and evaluation of standard order sets before granting approval for use. Format Layout and directions for use Follows an official standard format that has been approved by an appropriate interdisciplinary committee e. Total course dose Span of days for administration of a course of therapy, especially when a hyphen is used to express the days of therapy e.

Lines on the back copies of order forms if carbonless NCR-no carbon required paper forms are used NCR forms are not recommended if orders are faxed or scanned to pharmacy; order copies may pick up inadvertent marks and are not as clear as the original order set.

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The year-old singer competed on the third series of Idolos, Portugal’s version of Pop Idol in How was Salvador Sobral chosen to represent Portugal? Salvador Sobral entered a national competition to become the artist that would represent Portugal in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Salvador Sobral stormed to victory with the highest possible score from the judges and the second highest score from the public vote.

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Elevation view of Pauline Jarictot’s Home, Lorette. The Lorette house was built on roman ruins, and the first documents dating back to the beginning of the 16th century refer to a building called “house of Breda” describing two main independent buildings side by side, flanked by a tower and surrounded by meadow down to the foothill.

Very Old Etching of Pauline’s home. Throughout the centuries the mansion has had several owners and a few famous hosts. In the house is purchased by Pauline Marie Jaricot, together with several pieces of land for various religious communities. She had a chapel dedicated to Saint Philomena as well as outbuildings; she also had the house re-handled to host the main office the “Living Rosary Institution”. She named this house “Lorette” in memory of the Lorette sanctuary in Italy where the walls of the Annunciation house are installed.

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NET-based platform that can be used for the construction and management of commercial or ad-supported online dating websites, community portals, social networks and intranets. The software’s unique architecture leverages the. NET development patterns including 3-tiered architecture, master pages, themes, standard user controls and CSS.

() – Traditional dating schemes are old. No one truly wants to meet their future wife in a bar, and searching for a hottie in church doesn’t always work as advertised. Instead, millions of men have taken their manly ways and rugged looks to the Internet.

Matchmaking has become a passion for Lorraine, now highly regarded as an expert and spokesperson within the field. She frequently appears on TV and in the media in the UK and across Europe, writing regular columns for various magazines and personally guiding thousands to romantic happiness. By being empathetic and in tune with her clients needs and expectations Lorraine has had huge success over the years helping thousands of them to find romance.

After studying philosophy at University College London and working around the world for a few years he now runs Primary Drive Ltd, a full service web application developer and electronic marketing agency, supplying Internet and Intranet solutions primarily to the Insurance, Gambling and Dating industries. Having launched and managed several successful top 10 dating sites Smooch.

Marcus Hamilton Chief Technical Officer Marcus makes sure we can deliver the best possible service online. After studying law at UEA he spent several years as a freelance programmer then joined NatWest bank as a senior developer, building world class banking internet applications, and eventually leaving to co-found Primary Drive.

At Primary Drive he built a team that provided bespoke applications for a variety of Bluechip customers and dot coms including large insurance providers such as Towergate. We can help fine-tune small problems that may become obstructive in acheiving your ultimate goal – a happy lasting relationship.

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Cases that were summarized on July 17 and thereafter can be found at www. Opinion summaries are prepared by the Office of Public Information for the general public and news media. Opinion summaries are not prepared for every opinion released by the Court, but only for those cases considered noteworthy or of great public interest.

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Worst toys of the year according to W. Pre-race activities start Friday, Oct. In addition to all the usual animal and adventure fun, find magic shows, costume parades, live music, lawn games, a corn maze, hayrides, crafts and sessions about many of the animals associated with Halloween. Decked out in traditional decor with room for 1, and German-speaking staff in lederhosen and dirndl, Munich on the East River is always a lively crowd knocking back liter steins of imported beers and amazing food while singing along to the live bands.

Join dog-loving celebs Elaine Hendrix, Holly Taylor and Joe Gatto for an early fundraiser walk, then enjoy a festival of activities like doggie yoga, a Smooch Your Pooch photo booth, live music and more. The learning comes in with panels of foodie speakers plus Adam Rippon, why not and live music.

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Online dating sim games yaoihaven afro latino dating site Generally you meet several characters, and will have to choose one to court. Sloppy localization can often let dating sim fans down. The game has a bold art style with intense flourishes, and while you play as a Shadow Every-Girl, all your your potential partners range from bratty kings to zombies to ghosts.

You play as Chizuru, who disguises herself as a man to travel to the capital of Kyoto in search of her missing father. She accidentally gets tangled up with the local police, the Shinsengumi, and the story evolves from there.

Watch video · The “Christmas Chronicles” star goes big for the holidays–and this year, Kate Hudson’s newborn daughter will be joining in on the fun! Take a listen.

I’m with the others in saying that the news that more ZFX new material is upcoming is excellent news indeed. Also thanks for posting I’m not expecting to see you here everyday, but when you can stop by to talk to all your fans, it’s always a treat. Likewise with you, thanks for sharing your experiences of shooting with some of your models. I always like it when the victim struggles realistically, and then, of course, tears are always a turn-on, when she’s so broken she gives up hope.

Few things are more arousing to me than to see a pretty girl cry when she realizes she’s helpless and at the mercy of her captor. Check out the tears in her eyes. I almost feel sorry for her, but it also makes me want to see more bad things happen to her! I guess it’s a power thing since I always put myself in the role of the bad guy. Overpowering a tied-up chick and making her cry gives me a nice warm vibraty feeling all through my guttiwuts!

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Payments made in-person include money order, debit card, credit card or cash. Personal checks are not accepted. If you are using the copy for legal or official purposes, a certified copy may be required. Please contact the agency you are providing the copy to in order to determine if they require a certified copy.

Find the best media jobs in Washington, DC. Browse the latest job openings in marketing, advertising, publishing, journalism, TV, public relations and more. Search for full time, part time, temporary, and freelance opportunities in the DC area—from entry level to executive.

Chapter amends Subdivision 1 of Section 10 of the New York Lien Law which establishes when notices of mechanics liens must be filed. Section 10 provides as follows: The amended portion of Section 10 now provides: For purposes of this Section, the term ‘single family dwelling’ shall not include a dwelling unit which is part of a subdivision that has been filed with a municipality in which the subdivision is located when at the time the lien is filed, such property in the subdivision is owned by the developer for purposes other than his personal residence.

For purposes of this Section, ‘developer’ shall mean and include any private individual, partnership, trust or corporation which improves two or more parcels of real property with single family dwellings pursuant to a common scheme or plan. Section 17 of the New York Lien Law establishes the duration of a mechanics lien once it is filed. It provides as follows: No lien shall be continued by such extension for more than one 1 year from the filing thereof.

In the event an action is not commenced to foreclose the lien within such extended period, such lien shall be extinguished unless an order be granted by a court of record or a judge or justice thereof, continuing such lien,


Conditions Similar to Autism When you meet someone who has Asperger’s syndrome , you might notice two things right off. He’s just as smart as other folks, but he has more trouble with social skills. He also tends to have an obsessive focus on one topic or perform the same behaviors again and again. Doctors used to think of Asperger’s as a separate condition.

Smooch Dating Confessions! August 13, smoochjenna Leave a comment Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been quizzing Smoochers about their dating habits and confessions, and we’ve had some amazing responses – from the side-splittingly funny to the cute and adorable!

Sorry, this page has moved! Please click here to go to the new location. Public Works Department Flood Hazard Information Fairfield has historically been prone to periodic flooding, dating back to , , , , , and most recently in Anyone planning to grade or build near these flood-prone areas should contact the Public Works Department to find out if the property is within a SFHA. Always check with the Building Division to see if you need a permit before you build on your property.

For properties within the SFHA, it is wise to consider protecting properties from flooding. Some protection measures to consider are: If a flood is imminent, existing buildings prone to flooding can be protected by sandbagging areas subject to the entry of water. You may also want to consider moving valuables and furniture to higher areas in the home if possible. By participating in the program, homeowners are able to purchase flood insurance in case their home is damaged from a flood. Flood insurance is available for the building itself as well as for the building contents.


Letters or, nowadays, e-mail messages postmarked from Nigeria or Sierra Leone, or the Ivory Coast, or almost any other foreign nation are sent to addresses taken from large mailing lists. The letters promise rich rewards for helping officials of that government or bank, or quasi-government agency or sometimes just members of a particular family out of an embarrassment or a legal problem.

Should you agree to participate in this international bail-out, something will go wrong. Paperwork will be delayed. Questions will be asked. Officials will need to be bribed.

With official data dating back to , at /8 inches it is the only elk on record with a gross score approaching the inch mark. The giant bull has 9 points on the left antler and 14 points on the right.

Share via Email We’re delighted that for the sixth year running the park earned the Green Flag Award , the national standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales, for its quality green-space provision first achieved in July At the heart of the estate lies Elvaston Castle, a gothic revival masterpiece not open to the public designed by James Wyatt in the early s based on the original house dating back to Wyatt’s design, built for the third Earl of Harrington, became home to the Stanhope family until the estate was sold by the then Earl of Harrington to a quarrying company in In the then Derby Corporation purchased the estate from the company and in the estate was opened as one of the first country parks in England.

In addition, within the estate, structures such as the recently renovated golden gates, Moorish temple and ha-ha wall provide a fascinating glimpse of the past. The gardens are locally renowned for their rockwork structures and fine examples of topiary, originally introduced and designed by William Barron in the 19th century. The proposals are intended to ensure a sustainable future for the estate, attracting more visitors, increasing income to help with the high running costs and protecting the heritage of the site.

All comments will be taken into account before we report back to Cabinet members later in to decide on the next steps to take.