We have an exceptional ability to balance our hearts and minds, though we do have strong emotions. Which is why children and even older members of the family turn to us for guidance whenever they have ego clashes or are unable to resolve disputes among themselves. We have gained this kind of maturity after a lot of real-life experience, not through mere book-reading, and we realise that it is useless to go on the offensive when confronted with hot-blooded people, that it is far more effective to calm tempers with soothing words. Home and family are of utmost importance to us. We have strong opinions but give equal importance to the opinions of other family members as well. We are far-sighted, and when we set our minds to something, nothing can stop us from achieving it.

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I’m a professional tarot reader with 18 years of experience. I have a resource-rich website and tarot-reading service. And of course they are not restricted to finding out about unfaithful husbands or boyfriends; they can equally apply to cheating wives and girlfriends.

For those dating it may lead to engagement or marriage. When appearing in a spread for a longstanding couple it normally shows a strong meaningful relationship, where the couple share a deep bond, friends and lovers, almost inseparable. > Ace of Wands > The Empress > Ace of Cups: “We’ve got news!” A new addition to the family.

King of Wands The King of Wands is pure fire energy, but strangely enough, he has the least to do with actual creation and creativity. His forte is not in dreaming up ideas and implementing them himself, but in taking an idea and changing the world to match his vision. As such he is a natural leader and commander of all kinds of people.

They flock to him to hear what he has to say and leave just as eagerly when he gives them something to do for him. Like the rest of the Kings, the ruler of the Wands suit will appear in two ways in your life: As a person, the King of Wands is the ultimate leader, who looks forward to challenges because he enjoys the rush of adrenalin that solving a difficult problem can induce.

He not only dispels his own fear but that of others, by ensuring them that they shall succeed. He is not all talk, though; when the going gets tough no one hangs in there longer than he does. The King of Wands has a deep and innate respect for other people, and his compassion extends farther than most people would expect.

2 of Cups. Soul Mates and conscious relationship.

Symbolism[ edit ] In ecclesiastical and formal government ceremonial , special officials may carry a wand of office or staff of office representing their power. Compare in this context the function of the ceremonial mace , the sceptre , and the staff of office. Its age may be even greater, as Stone Age cave paintings show figures holding sticks, which may be symbolic representations of their power. The ‘wand’ survived for a time under the Normans. Then when the yard was established, the wand came to be known as the ‘yard and the hand’, and then disappeared, either slowly or by being banned by law.

Six of Wands (R) When things are not happening the way you want them to – do not allow the tension and pressure to build, for it will produce a defeatist attitude – the sense that you are being overwhelmed by the enemy or that people will betray you.

In this order, the suits also represent your physical world, emotions, challenges or conflicts, and actions. The Ace of Pentacles, for example, is literally the seed of material prosperity or well-being. Think of the story being told in the reading as unfolding this way: The middle cards are the various stages of growth with all lessons to be learned in between. The Queens represent mature women and the Kings, mature men. But from a more esoteric perspective, they represent the various elemental aspects of each suit.

These aspects are derived from their position on the Tree of Life. Its negative aspect would be a bit like a sand storm or dust devil. These tarot cards are concerned with things like jobs, wealth, your social life, love, and plans in general. They also relate to more abstract questions, like philosophy, morals and ethics, or your religious and spiritual beliefs as they affect you in the here and now.

The King of Wands Tarot Card

It means that the King is full of passion and eagerness to conquer new territories. This means that he is bold and fiery in nature. The Wand The Single Wand is a sign of authority.

Dating the King of Wands. Eclectic Tarot. Is the man you love a King of Wands but abusing the Fire? Clown confidence dating Fire Sign King of Wands love Preacher Relationship Reading relationships Romance Sagittarius Tarot visionary. Comments 6. Jade. November 16, at pm.

That can be good or bad, and the image in this card powerfully shows the dualistic nature of the Ten of Wands. A man dressed in yellow, orange, and red — colors that symbolize energy and fire — carries a heavy bundle of sticks toward the town in the background. The harvest is rich, but the bundle is so heavy that he has to lean forward to carry it. The town in the Ten of Wands is a place of rest and stability.

Note that the fanned out sticks are blocking his vision. His harvest is rich, but all he knows is work, work, work. His life seems to be running on autopilot. The slightest nudge to either side will steer him away from the town and to the freshly plowed field — i.

The Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Asking over and over the same question in a relationships reading …bad? Joking aside, my experience with doing multiple readings on the same subject when it comes to relationships reading is that even if you draw cards after cards in order to get to the answer you want to hear, by the time you get the answer you really want there will be a patterns of cards revealing themselves first to you. Feelings you can no longer deny inside yourself and for the other. You will start to see the same cards over and over in your multiple readings before you get to the one you expect to get.

The second manner in which multiple readings have a positive effect is on your reading ability is that by drawing cards after cards after cards in order to get what you want, what happens is you start to look up the meaning of each single cards you drew.

Unlike the Queen of Wands, Queen of Swords and Queen of Cups, the Queen of Pentacles is a woman who is self-possessed. The Queen of Pentacles, richly shown here in The Gilded Tarot deck, represents the energy and characteristics of the mature earth sign woman.

Angeldoctor This is the Orphanage, where I place my scrapped story ideas and challenges for anyone willing to adopt them! If you wish to adopt them, PM me and I’ll give you first dibs! Feel free to review but don’t ask me to continue it since I place them here for a reason! All publicly recognizable characters, setting, etc. The original characters and plot are property of the author.

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The King of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

What a fine change getting together with peers, making money together, and sharing the profits together, makes on their lives. Everyone is happy to see the man when he comes back whose drive made money for everyone. But sometimes the feisty man who is so changeable and energetic brings on changes of the other kind; we speak of that a little too. Are YOU here for the first time?

The King of Wands is the Tarot’s card that appears when you are leading the procession up toward a new goal. The card represents the exhilaration of being “the one” but it .

King of Wands Love Tarot Card Description Upright Meaning This charismatic chap couldn’t be dull if you paid him and he’s no stranger to money, in fact he can be quite the entrepreneur and his generous nature means you will benefit from his success. Whoever this card represents is a natural leader with more energy than a power station. On the downside they have a stormy temper but the clouds still pass and all is sunny smiles again. Such a person is loyal, although you may occasionally wish things were a bit less exciting.

Whoever this represents enjoys the physical as well as the emotional side of love and can be very skilled in this area. He is the ideal card for folks in a relationship as he suggests a profound love – although this may not be without the odd tiff. Reversed Meaning Of all the bossy, arrogant self-righteous, bombastic individuals, the person represented by the reversed King of Wands can take the biscuit.

If you come across this bully the only thing you can do is meet them head on. Just make sure it is not you who is behaving badly, playing the authoritarian to your amour is not going to go down well.

Card Meaning of King of Wands @ Lotus Tarot

When things are not happening the way you want them to — do not allow the tension and pressure to build, for it will produce a defeatist attitude — the sense that you are being overwhelmed by the enemy or that people will betray you. This attitude can become a self — fulfilling prophecy — suspicion produces betrayal. Blame for something done wrong. Difficulty with pride and the dangers of success — a need to guard against self-righteousness.

As we stretch our spiritual muscle and extend into larger and larger worlds of awareness, we are meant to seek others, those of related paths with similar karmic purpose, but to do so all we need do is witness our beliefs and we will be mutually attractive to our kindred spirits.

However, I clarified this and he was juggling too many roles and priorities in the past (Two of Pentacles), so he’s just taking a break to reflect before he sets off on the next opportunity (King of Cups Rx, The Fool), and he’s looking forward to the next challenge after some down time (King of Wands).

On the surface we have the male ruler of the elemental domain of Fire but not much else to go on. We can however link Tarot’s Kings to their supreme ruler, The Emperor , which would give him a numerological attribute of 4 by proxy. The same element and numerology is found in the 4 of Wands with its 4 wooden pillars making the foundations of a structure.

That card’s interpretations can range from building work to a marriage; anything that has a theme of creating a foundation of a home, community or work place. The King of Wands is the founder of whatever organisation that structure was erected for. In a marriage he is the groom, the good husband and perhaps even the father.

In the community he is a leader.

King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

For about twenty years, he largely supplanted the age-old beliefs and practices of the Egyptian state religion, and deposed its religious hierarchy, headed by the powerful priesthood of Amun at Thebes. For fifteen centuries, the Egyptians had worshiped an extended family of gods and goddesses, each of which had its own elaborate system of priests, temples, shrines and rituals.

A key feature of the cults was the veneration of images and statues of the gods, which were worshipped in the dark confines of the temples. The pinnacle of the religious hierarchy was the Pharaoh, both king and living god. Administration of the Egyptian kingdom was thus inextricably bound up with and largely controlled by the power and influence of the priests and scribes.

Example: A Progression from Page of Wands to Knight of Wands to King of Wands and Back to Knight of Wands When John first entered therapy with me, he was in his 20’s, newly married, and working for a technology company learning the business (Page of Wands).

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The Queen of Pentacles in a reading can reveal you will begin to experience abundance and support because of or with a woman who is earthy, calm, mature, wise and many if not all the characteristics listed above. Represented by a dark-haired and dark-eyed woman, the Queen of Pentacles is a resourceful and practical person with good instincts who can be relied upon at all times. She is a consummate mother and provider as well as businesswoman. She is creative — rich with ideas that are practical, strategic and profitable.

The Queen of Pentacles is someone you will find involved in charitable works, as she is generous with her self, her soul, her time and her money. She is abundant and shares the abundance.

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