That was exactly what happened on Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, when the year-old reality star got chatting with Andy Cohen, In her opinion, the prolific producer and TV personality was single mostly because he worked too much. Scroll down for video Love connection: Andy was just one of several Bravo celebrities that Patti analyzed to see why they were single An executive producer of many of the programs that have aired on Bravo over the past few years – including Patti’s Millionaire Matchmaker – Andy has indeed been busy with his work life. He has also hosted Watch What Happens Live since Patti didn’t limit her romantic opinions just to Andy though, and quickly explained why members of several other Bravo shows were single.

Million Dollar Matchmaker Patti Stanger says dating is ‘a man’s game’

You deserve to be loved. Monday, February 04, The Millionaire Matchmaker Since VH1 rightly figured that much of their Rock of Love 2 audience would probably be watching the Super Bowl that would include me , they didn’t run a new episode last night. I admit I didn’t have high hopes for this reality show, which stars an individual by the name of Patti Stanger, who makes her living matching millionaire men with attractive women.

I just finished reading Bravo TV star, Patti Stanger’s new book – Become Your Own Matchmaker. While her business is directed mostly at men, this book offers excellent dating advice for women. While her business is directed mostly at men, this book offers excellent dating advice for women.

I’m glad she’s doing well and away from Patti’s screeching. However, I would love to have gone to New York with the show. There was just no room for me to move forward with Patti. So, it was just time for me to spread my wings and fly. Her path to matchmaker success has been written in the stars but also unplanned. They eventually were married and my best friend is now my sister!

In , Autumn posted her resume on Craigslist and the next day Patti Stanger gave her a call. Meanwhile, Stanger went to work on pitching her business, life and story to TV executives. Patti should have taken care of her star player. She insists though, that Stanger made it so hard for her to leave and this was not completely out of the blue.


I still remember years ago, being shy and introverted, isolating myself for hours throughout the day in front of the TV. I had felt that I missed out so much of what life had to offer and would often avoid doing anything productive in my life, as I enjoyed the comfort of sitting in front of the TV everyday. One of the first steps I made to change my life was to get rid of my TV and commit myself to spending that time on improving myself. It turns out it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has allowed me to get to where I am today.

Over the last few years, I decided to begin watching some TV shows again, simply because I believed these particular shows added value to my life and goals.

Patti Stanger Millionaire Matchmaker Christian Clothing Hot Shots – the Cruz Brothers Seek Love with the Help of Patti Stanger In this episode, we meet two brothers who have a successful line of Christian, faith-based clothing.

Quintus can be found at qcurtius. His work has been reviewed at Taki’s Magazine. Something always vaguely turned me off about it, with its smug, woman-friendly, safe, feel-good presentation, and those feelings have recently hardened into outright hostility. Simply put, Art of Manliness is neither artful nor manly. These are the problems I have with the site.

If you look at the website, it seems like more than half of the articles there were written by the two of them. And herein lies the biggest problem that the website can never overcome. No woman can offer a man advice on how to be a man. Thou shalt not accept advice from a woman on manliness. There are no exceptions to this rule. The inescapable fact is that the art of being a man is a subject outside of her range of experience. But only in feminized America can a woman presume, with her infinite arrogance, to offer advice to men on how to be a man.

She may truly believe it, and she may sincerely want it. But beware her just the same.

Patti Stanger

I justify watching this guilty pleasure as ” dating and relationship research. Despite her sometimes abrasive dealings with clients, and perhaps unknown to her on a scientific level, the approach does contain enough social psychology to potentially influence men and women to commit. Below I will share my analysis and tips with you

It may not be on Bravo anymore, but it feels like The Millionaire Matchmaker never left TV — and that’s probably because it’s been resurrected by WEtv and renamed Million Dollar

A work fashion blog offering fashion, lifestyle, and career advice for overachieving chicks Is Ombre Hair Professional? Reader P wrote in with a great question, and perhaps might lead us to an interesting discussion of when hair dyes and colors cross the line: I was wondering if you could do a post on whether ombre hair is professional. I graduated from law school last May and am currently interviewing for positions.

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Patti Stanger Gives BiP Alum & Narcissist Daniel Maguire Tough Dating Advice

Share 32 shares ‘I won’t give that away. Yes, she knows now who she is! Patti explained her experience setting Courtney up was difficult ‘She picks one side versus the other’: Patti, 56, says in a new interview with SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos that Courtney ‘knows now who she is’ after the starlet picked a side Split: In a clip from the pair’s Dr.

Feb 19,  · ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger ripped off a widow who was looking for love by hooking her up with a worthless dating service according to a .

Jami Ganz August 04, AT Season 2 of Million Dollar Matchmaker premieres Aug. How is season 2 going to differ from the first of this newest series? We really break you of your bad dating habits and relationship problems. Some dark s—t comes out. Most things stem from childhood. When it came to Claudia Jordan, she had a serious problem that happened to her at 18, and Kelly [Bensimon] blames Bethenny [Frankel] for ruining her life.

Dr Oz: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Hashimoto’s Disease

With only two categories dedicated to reality TV during the ceremony — Outstanding Reality-Competition Program and Outstanding Host for a Reality-Competition Program — Patti believes either the Emmys needs to be more inclusive, or there needs to be a “another high-end reality awards show that really represents every different category” of reality programming. We barely get crafty, most of us don’t get hair and makeup and car service.

You know who you are, those Housewives. And the bottom line is we have to come up with our own words.

Patti Stanger knows love and not just because she’s The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. The third-generation matchmaker who started The Millionaire’s Club dating service has been dating a successful businessman for four years, but before that, she was just like everyone else, seeking “the one.”.

Stanger let The Vivant into her home, which she shares with boyfriend David Krause in Los Angeles, for a special peek at her own personal interior style, and shared her top five tips for home design with us. Make the space your own—and if you live with a partner, you have to work together. I first went to all my favorite magazines and sites and made a favorites list of pictures I could send David, then he did the same.

Since men are visual it was easier and faster for him to agree to my style. My designer, Wade Hallock, showcased the romantic glamor items I picked, but also purchased rugged items that David loves, such as a croc-moc leather love seat. When reupholstering is not an option, paint. Coloring one wall with an accent color can set the tone for the whole room.

Utilize every square inch of your space. Couches are for sitting. Furniture needs to be used or it sends off a cold signal to guests. Stanger’s foyer and living room are both done in black-and-white motif, ranging from the paint on the walls to the leather ottoman near the door.


We helped develop a new frontier. Everybody was shocked that this was becoming this phenomenon. And is she also uncommonly lucky?

BRAVO’s The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti meets up with drag queen Frank (who sometimes impersonates Patti herself!) and gives him tips to be himself while dating, instead of the larger than life personality he sometimes embodies. As a “celebrity”, Frank and Patti discuss the good and the bad about dating when you’re well known.

Now Patti Stanger, creator and tour de force behind Bravo’s hit reality show “Millionaire Matchmaker” gears up for season five of television’s most exclusive club in high spirits — and highly single. To her credit, what Patti sells isn’t guaranteed marriage or even coupledom — not to the aloof-but-wealthy men she coaches, or to the sexed-up women she reigns in for the meet-and-greet sessions she calls “mixers.

No, what Patti sells is far more enticing: She’s also the first to tell you that at, age 50, she’s still on a learning curve: Tell us what we can look forward to in Season 5 of “Millionaire Matchmaker. I’m single now, so I will be dating and having my own episode and my own mixer. Sex Toy Dave comes back.

You shot last season in New York, which was interesting to watch, especially since you’re from New Jersey originally.

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Great Expectations has since been sued by several states for consumer fraud and by two individuals for overcharging. Stanger claims to be a third-generation matchmaker. Stanger was introduced to the fashion industry by Janis Spindel, who had hired and scouted her at the age of Millionaire’s Club In , Stanger founded Millionaire’s Club, a matchmaking service in Los Angeles, California, because she felt that successful men in the dating arena needed a private, exclusive club where they could come to find their beautiful and intelligent wives.

Patti Stanger was born on May 31, in Short Hills, New Jersey, USA. She is a producer and actress, known for The Millionaire Matchmaker (), Million Dollar Matchmaker () and Married in.

Patrick January 28, at 7: If you look good it does help. Ronnie Post author August 17, at Sometimes good looking people end up together but not always. Marlena August 13, at 2: Two gorgeous people are just going to end up fighting for the mirror. Ronnie Post author March 30, at 5: Thanks for sharing your perspective. Patti can be brutal, but she also knows what works. How wonderful is it that you know what you need to do and are willing to do it to make romance work for you!

Lillian March 30, at 4:

Patti Stanger’s Dating Tips on How to Meet The One