Dengan konsep yang sangat berbeda dengan lagu-lagu mereka sebelumnya, BTOB berhasil menunjukkan sisi manis mereka dala lagu dan MV 2nd Confession. Kali ini aku mau mereview MV mereka yang sweet abis! Konsep MV nya sangat sederhana. Hampir mirip kayak video klipnya Yovie Nunno yang aku lupa judulnya apa maklum bukan fans lagu Indonesia. Tapi disini dikemas dengan sangat manis yang mengisahkan seorang cowok yang ingin mengungkapkan perasaannya ke seorang cewek untuk kedua kalinya. Kayaknya sih mereka udah putus tapi cowoknya nyesel gitu jadi bakalan mengungkapkan perasaannya lagi buat kedua kalinya.

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It’s a pretty popular game but I bet there are a few people that have no idea about it and wonder what’s up with this weird title, so I’m going to explain it quickly Dream Daddy is a Dad dating simulator, where you play your Dadsona and date other dads in your new neighborhood to find the dreamiest dad of them all. There are seven dads that routes you can play so I got the idea to make this kind of blog with the dads since there are so many seven member groups I decided to go with BTOB because I love BTOB and felt like writing about my boys again One thing I wanted to say is that I love all the dads.

All of them are amazing in their own way: He is the hottest dad in the neighborhood, all the single moms want to date him but he does not have time for that because he’s a major workaholic and does everything for his daughters.

Jun 20,  · เนื้อเพลง 1, 2, 3: BTOB (Seo Eunkwang, Lee Changsub, Lim Hyunsik & Yook Sungjae) 하나 둘 셋 ฮา นา ทุล เซท 늘 내 옆에 있던 네가 왜 앞에 서있어 นึล แน ยอ เพ อิท ตอน นี กา แว อา เพ ซอ อี ซอ 끝을 우린 알면서도 또 미루고.

Haru Hana I do? Members with driving license? However I am a little afraid of driving in Korea even with a license Q: Is concerned with fashion? A habit you do everyday? Dishes you are good at? He even went to culinary academy before. Something you are good at other than music? Going on dates Q: Sitting next to each other instead of opposite one another when you are at cafes or hotels?

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Originally posted by akacereal You stood in front of the mirror in awe; the dress was everything you dreamed it to be, Your hair and makeup was perfect, you honestly felt like a princess. But there was still a twinge of disgust for what was about to happen. But this was your own fault, you offered yourself in place of your sister, and you would gladly do it again. So you put a smile on your face and you head towards those doors ready to get this done and over with.

Suho – Originally posted by kyungsuhos You knew the drill, of course you did. But it was kind of reassuring having that little bit of safety whilst you felt so vulnerable.

하나 둘 셋 ฮา นา ทุล เซท 늘 내 옆에 있던 네가 왜 앞에 서있어 นึล แน ยอ เพ อิท ตอน นี กา.

Bruno Mars Fashion Style: Yuri and Seohyun Facts About D. Kai would hide D. When he goes to sleep he only wears a T-shirt and his underwear He was a kid ulzzang His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer He says that he inherited his artistic side from his father because his father owns an art business If the EXO dorms are messy, D. O and the other members are alone, he tells a lot of jokes He is being considered for many dramas and movie roles In and , D. Thus, he wears contact lenses D.

Baekhyun His shoe size is korean size According to EXO-K members except Chanyeol, the member who has not changed in 3 years since their debut is D. He said that Baekhyun could give laughs to the rest of the cast whereas D. However when I call D. O like this, the most important part is that I do it as provokingly as I can! In many fan cams, it can be noted that she is especially close to Chen, D.


According to the report, the level of requests for the emerging star increased following the success of “Who Are You: School ” and his appearances on variety shows. Star News outlined some of the potential product endorsements that have been offered to the BtoB member.

For their upcoming mini-album release, the members of BTOB are not holding anything back – and the latest set of teaser images of the group really bares all.

Thank God for subtitles that come on time. I have cried laughing, basically bruising my cheeks, revisiting old skits. I like seeing how my favorite ongoing skits land with the audience, too. I’ve learned about some famous Korean comedians from this show and while I’ve been watching other talk shows on KBS’s channel. I would like to recommend them to you through playlists I’ve curated with my new YouTube channels.

I won’t add more videos to the ongoing skits and their playlists. I’ll give you taste from their beginning to their most recent skits and then you can keep up to date by yourself. Because AsmaThEnthusiast is private. If they agree they experienced some everyday occurrence similarly, they hold a thumps up for “yes”. If the crowd disagrees with the experience, they hold a thumps down for “no”.

All to prove that South Koreans share the same thoughts. The reason why I like this skit is because I learned a lot about how Korean adults grew up and function in the world today. I agreed with them a lot about experiences at school. As a work relationship, they must hid their involvement.

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Sorry if I it took me a lot, my laziness is coming back to me u. Changsub was playing video games with Eunkwang in the living room, beating him up making Hyunsik laugh with those curious eyes. She sat in the couch, looking the boys playing their games and Minhyuk bothering Ilhoon touching him here and there while he cooked. That was the only weird thing about Ilhoon. They all nodded pausing the game and going for their shoes.

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El grupo se preparo con lanzamientos pre-sencillos antes de su debut oficial. Countdown , el 19 de junio del Ambiguous las chicas lograron entrar al Top 10 del Chart de M! Countdown y Music Bank. Ambiguous y Piano Man, y ser el grupo rookie femenino con mas descargas y streaming del Mamamoo es considerado como uno de los mejores debut de grupos novatos del Pre-lanzamiento con sencillo proyecto ‘AHH!

Con eso, unas fotos interesantes fueron reveladas. A los minutos la foto ya se estaba volviendo noticia tibia en Corea. En la fecha del 5 y el 8 de junio fueron lanzados los dos primeros trailers bajo el nombre de; “Mamamoo explorando la vida de los hombres, Ep1: Ambiguous’ y ‘Piano Man’. Para luego obtener 1 en 7 de 8 listas musicales. Mamamoo Recipe, seguido de: Countdown y The Show.

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July 11, edited Finally i found the thread of sungjoy couple!!! Honestly im not a fan of wgm. I only watched taeun episodes bc they were so cute and innocent couple.

^ (英文) Kim Tae Woo releases official statement about homage to g.o.d in HyunA’s ‘From When and Until When’ + Cube President and Hyunsik apologize. allkpop. July 31, July 31, ^ (中文) 4minute泫雅不再提供《從哪兒到哪兒》音樂.

I dah suka orang lain. Petang itu dia sangat teruja untuk berjumpa dengan Jaehwan kerana mereka sudah lama tidak meluangkan masa bersama. Tapi, kegembiraannya disambut dengan berita yang mengecewakannya. Apa salah i Jaehwan ssi? Kenapa u nak putus dengan i? Dilihatnya wajah Jaehwan yang tenang tanpa sebarang perasaan bersalah. Cuma i dah tak cintakan u lagi. Penat tau Nayeon tunggu. Jaehwan tersenyum sambit mencuit pipi kekasih barunya. Nanti kita pegi makan ok.

I nak pergi dating dengan buah hati baru i, Nayeon. Nayeon menjeling sambil tersenyum sinis memandang nasib malang gadis ini.

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Let me tell you something, this is the best best best fan meeting I’ve ever attended in my life. Because you get to touch them, you get to interact and say bye and stuff like this. It’s worth my money, people.

I really love Sungjae’s black hair he looks so much hotter and cuter. It depends on his facial expression. #kpop #kdrama #korean #drama #sungjae #btob #melody #whoareyou #School #whoareyouschool #gongtae #taekwang I really love Sungjae’s black hair he looks so much hotter and cuter. It depends on his facial expression. 😍 #kpop.

Choi Ji Woo’s husband reported to be former host bar worker 13 Jul Choi Ji Woo’s husband reported to be former host bar worker In short: Back in March, Choi Ji Woon confirmed that she tied the knot with a mystery man in a hush-hush ceremony. In the wedding photos released, his face was not visible in any of the snaps, which caused many to wonder about his identity.

At the time, the actress explained that she kept her nuptials private because her husband is a non-celebrity. However, Korean news outlet Dispatch released an exclusive report on her husband, claiming that the man, identified by his surname Lee, is nine years younger than Choi Ji Woo. In addition, they claimed that they dated for at least three years, instead of the one year that was previously claimed. They added that he changed his name in while he was dating her, and he started his own O2O online to offline business.

The account is said to contain questionable content, such as pornographic, and promotes pedophilia.

【TVPP】BTOB – Blind Date with Martial Artists, 비투비 – 격투기 선수와 미팅 @ Cultwo Veranda Show