Although I am sometimes frustrated about being queer here, there are also a lot of reasons why I love this city. I think folks have many misconceptions about Salt Lake City so here are a few things that I think are important when it comes to building an understanding of this place: Salt Lake is more progressive than you think. Although the dominant culture is still fairly conservative, white, Mormon, and middle-class, this creates a really interesting counter-culture. As with many smaller cities, Salt Lake City also allows any queer to be a big fish in a small pond. The culture in Salt Lake is unique because most queer people I know that are from here have had the influence of Mormonism somewhere in their lives. This might be because they were raised Mormon and are no longer practicing or one side of their family is Mormon or they have had a lover who is having trouble disengaging from the Mormon church. Many queer women and trans people here have experienced profound struggle with identity, self-acceptance and acceptance from the larger more conservative culture.

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They have researched that the actual future there will be an alignment of the earth, sun, and the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy. Transpires once every 25, years only. Professionals state that it might have a global cataclysm considering that the world may shift of the sudden. Meaning, the North and south poles might shift into the equator permits cause earthquakes, storms, flooding, and volcanic eruptions.

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Antananarivo, Madagascar U.S. Embassy Antananarivo alerts U.S. citizens to a plague outbreak which occurs each year in Madagascar. To date, there have been confirmed cases and deaths.

He said the internal development and recruitment process was unprofessional and lacks transparency. He added a past call centre manager was now a barman in Wetherspoons. The stateowned company sparked anger among its customer service representatives who were hit with angry calls from graduates over the repayments debacle. One former Darlington call centre advisor accused the company of not having a grip of their finances. He wrote in a review of the company: The average for public sector bodies – including the police force and the NHS – rank at 3.

Less than a third said they would recommend working for the company to friends and family compared with an average of more than 60 per cent across the public sector as a whole. A current finance assessor, who has worked in the Darlington branch for the past three years, wrote: Many of the staff want to do the best for the students but their hands are tied by substandard, not-fit-for purpose systems, and team leaders and management who seem to go out of their way to make things hard for customers.

The Student Loans Company call centre in Darlington.

The 21 Most Lesbianish Cities in the US: The Autostraddle Guide

This dish has been a dinner staple in my house for a lot of reasons. For one, the recipe is really straightforward, easy enough to commit to memory. I do my best to cook with economy and grace , and these tasty lentils make it easy:

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A calm, congenial river, the San Juan offers a relaxing float trip livened up by fun Class II rapids. Camp Life After each active day on the river, we pull ashore to camp for the night. Individuals then collect their waterproof bags and locate an area on the beach to camp for the night. They will also locate a secluded area away from camp to set up the portable toilet, where privacy is assured. You can fill your mug and grab a bite, then begin to pack up your personal belongings and sleep gear as the guides prepare breakfast.

After breakfast is served, the entire camp will be broken down and packing will be completed. Meals The meals we serve are hearty and delicious, complete with fresh ingredients and a variety of foods. A typical morning on a multi-day trip might start with French toast, bacon, fruit, orange juice, and coffee or tea.

Lunch might be a delicious spread of cold cuts and cheeses with several types of bread, or pitas stuffed with veggies and hummus.

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Anatomy of seven genera of oviraptorosaurs from the Nemegt Basin is reviewed. Abstract The interfingering Baruungoyot and Nemegt Formations of Mongolia host an exceptional diversity of oviraptorosaurs that is unique in including members of all three Late Cretaceous families avimimids, caenagnathids, and oviraptorids. The oviraptorosaurs from the Baruungoyot and Nemegt Formations are reviewed, with a description of a new species of Avimimus.

Emended diagnoses are provided for each taxon, including the first diagnosis of Rinchenia mongoliensis. The anatomy of these oviraptorosaurs is updated, taking into account data from recent discoveries. Avimimids and caenagnathids may be monotaxic in the Nemegt Formation, but oviraptorids are represented by at least four genera, with one additional undescribed genus.

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Uren A1 Plus Driver Posted on: It got a lot of play in the media and eventually throughout the golf world when Phil Mickelson would hit a shot only he could see or make a decision bystanders couldn t comprehend or show up at Augusta using two drivers to win the Masters or five wedges in a win at Colonial. In Ford created an advertising campaign around the tagline, What will Phil do next. It got a lot of play in the media and eventually throughout. Clubs ban them, yet pros continue to wear them.

Why can Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods wear metal golf spikes while the rest of us hacks be forced to switch to soft. Explore over 90 iconic Time Inc. Jon Frankel travels to Switzerland to watch wingsuiters from around the world use the Swiss Alps as their training ground and explore.


In the age of the iPhone and the growing social ineptitude of many of our peers, it is almost impossible to attract a mate without the aid of some form of internet matchmaker. There are options for people of both male and female sorry no gender neutral option to sign up as either a daddy or a baby, however heteronormativity and tired gender roles do ensue. Two thirds of the sites memberships are babies, one third are daddies.

craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

This might be slightly more accurate than that. The totally unscientific possibly dubious math breaks down as follows: This ended up highly favoring smaller towns and college towns, which is unfair, just like life itself. We used Lambda Legal as a reference for this section. Anyhow, we encourage you to visit Provincetown! Clearly, not every city is on this list, but while putting it together we found ourselves super-disappointed by the resources out there for lesbians looking to live places.

These can be for any city in the world, including the ones on this list. Email Laneia [at] Autostraddle dot com with a letter describing your connection to the city you wanna write about. Meet local-like minded ladies in the Western Masstraddle meet-up group. New York, NY Keywords:

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So as I began my research, I came across a little restaurant called Omar’s Rawtopia. The reviews for it were great, the pictures of the food looked spectacular, but the website was very basic. I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but figured I’d give it a shot anyway. Located in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Rawtopia is nestled on a block with other small businesses like clothing and antiques.

It’s a simple life philosophy – be a decent human and do good. The Morning Fresh is an outdoorsy guide to living with intention, empathy, action–and of course, adventure.

The Australian rookie superstar racked up 12 points, 13 rebounds and a personal best 15 assists while star centre Joel Embiid top-scored with 33 points for the 76ers. Ben Simmons goes up for the dunk during the first half against the Los Angeles Lakers. AP For the Lakers, Brandon Ingram led the way with 21 points, including the game- clinching three-pointer, while much-hyped guard Lonzo Ball had 10 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, including dishing to Ingram for the match-winner.

Simmons’ third triple-double came in his 23rd game, the most on record for any NBA player in so few games. Related Articles Simmons’ Philadelphia 76ers beat Detroit The 76ers went in as favourites before their 13th sellout crowd in as many games, boasting a season record and fifth spot in the eastern conference, while the Lakers were 11th in the western conference. Down by 15 points early in the final quarter they rallied to tie the game at with two minutes to go and it was with 40 seconds left before Ball and Ingram combined.

Advertisement The 76ers fightback was led by Embiid, who grabbed 16 points in the final quarter. You will now receive updates from Sport Newsletter Sport Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Julius Randle led the way for the Lakers late in the game, with 10 of his 16 points in the final stanza.


As they walked along the south shore of the Great Salt Lake—just feet from Interstate 80—they found buried in a shallow grave a plastic bag containing a white sock, an oversized t-shirt, a woven blue choker necklace, 12 bones, and a human skull. Missing was any sort of identification. Police gathered what clues they could from the remains of “Saltair Sally,” named after a resort near where her remains were found, though there wasn’t much to go on.

The body was badly decomposed, dental records didn’t reveal anything, and a widely circulated composite sketch and description of her personal effects yielded no valuable information. The case went cold.

Experience the best happy hour in town at Paul Martin’s American Grill, the ideal restaurant to enjoy classic American fare elevated to a higher standard.

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In order to outlive being stranded in a forest, this knife a single of the of cooking thai food tools definitely will be guaranteed be having.

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It’s also my brother Mike’s birthday! I was never a big fan of vegan pizza. For years, I would order cheeseless pizza and just load up with toppings, but that was never really satisfying. Actually, I remember a time when a place missed up our order with pepperoni or parmesan cheese but gave it to us anyway. We ended up giving it to a homeless man, and his response was, “Where is the cheese?!

This from a man without a home.

Columbia & Snake River Cruise visits Multnomah Falls, Mount & Local Wineries on a Lewis & Clark Inspired trip. 8-Day Cruise from Portland to Clarkston.

Though I love to hear all the gory relationship details — and my curiosity about these two seeming opposites is off the charts — my instinct is to stay as far away from this as I can. So what, if anything, should I say when one or the other tells me about their plans? I think your instinct to put some distance between you and this budding relationship is a good one. That way, if and when this couple break up, you will have politely signaled to them all along that you are not Team This or Team That.

Or at least we can hope. These things are always easier on paper than they are in real life. The challenge for you right now will be to rein in your natural curiosity about the course of possibly true love and resist the temptation to ask questions.

Should Vegans Date Non-Vegans?