Winger At first we wanted a vintage canned ham trailer, but most needed too much rebuilding, then we thought about building a teardrop, but after seeing cargo trailer conversions we were sold! The electrical was easy, and essentially has 3 circuits to handle individual loads, however the entire trailer with LEDs and low watt Microwave, and BTU AC barely works the generator. Everything electrical can be used simultaneously without overload Try that in a conventional RV using only a single volt power source We installed LED lighting throughout with a total of 7 very bright efficient lights. And I used a very powerful used computer CPU fan for the bathroom closet exhaust system, and had the intake fresh air to the bathroom piped in with a flapper valve underneath the chemical toilet, so when the CPU fan is turned on the lower intake flapper valve opens automatically and creates a fresh air system. Having Native Hawaiian blood myself, we also chose to Tattoo the bathroom exterior wood by burning in a Hawaiian motif into it. The interior of the bathroom closet was wallpapered using old 00 and 1 comic books we had in an old box collecting dust…. I hope none were worth too much money, because now their bathroom reading material permanently!

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But the city’s water department sees it as a potentially high-level hazard, requiring a permit and annual inspections that can be a big surprise, especially to homeowners who are inheriting an irrigation system along with a new house. As gardeners get their systems turned back on for spring, here are some things they need to know about staying within the law and maintaining a healthy water supply to their homes — and their neighbors’.

What does the city government require for operation of a sprinkler system? A permit must be obtained for the system when it is installed.

Kraus is a kitchen and bathroom sink and faucet manufacturer with design and flexible functionality, for the perfect fit for your kitchen.

I contacted Miller Electrics online Tech service. They sent me this. When the hot water is turned on full a mixing faucet either immediately or shortly after the water comes to a full stop simultaneously there is a knock. The water does not begin flowing until you turn off the water altogether. Sink and shower drain hook up [ 1 Answers ] I installed a sink and shower right next to each other. The flooring is not yet in.

The sink goes in one side of a T the shower the other side and the third side of the T goes to the main Drain. When I drain the sink it backs up into the shower. How do I stop this. There is a trap under the Extending utility sink drain for bar sink [ 2 Answers ] I have a utility sink in my walk-out basement – that sink’s 1. I would like to add a bar sink, set into a standard height 36″

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Bench SeatsRefrigerator Power Mode: We are a fully licensed and bonded company, and have been doing business in the same location since At Electric City Automotive and Leasing, our name means a great deal. We have sold numerous vehicles on line to folks all over the world, and we always do our very best to make sure the customer is happy with the purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact me, Jay Meredith, with any questions or concerns.

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Located on a pie-shaped lot on a quiet cul de sac in Belleville’s east end. Handsome two storey centre hall yellow brick home. Built by McFarlane for his family, as part of a cooperative housing project started in ’54 and completed in ’56 of 30 homes in a brand new subdivision (read the newspaper article below).

Disconnect the water line from the shutoff valve by loosening the nut and removing the tubing from the valve fitting Image 1. Use a basin wrench to loosen the nut holding the tubing on the faucet stem Image 2. Step 2 position filter unit on the cabinet wall Mark the Location Position your filter unit on the cabinet wall closest to the cold water line. Mark your location through the holes in the mounting bracket. At the marks, drive a couple of screws about halfway.

The screws will be tightened completely after the filter is hung in place. Leave enough clearance below the filter so you’ll be able to remove the canister and change cartridges easily.

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How much does it cost to install a bathroom sink? Learn about the typical costs of bathroom sink installation. If you’re experiencing problems with your sink or just want to upgrade the look of your bathroom, sink replacement can make a major difference in the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. The costs and requirements for this type of project vary according to the type of sink and related components in the bathroom.

Serving the real estate needs for Fairfield, Illinois, and surrounding communities.

This spacious couples trailer features 2 comfy residential style reclining swivel rockers. That’s a winner for any retired couple, looking for a trailer to relax in on the rainy days! The rear kitchen layout does two amazing things! The first is that it allows both sides of the trailer to have HUGE windows, both sides open up wide, with screens, and provide a well lit, well ventilated floorplan, with amazing visibility out both sides of the trailer!

The other great feature on the rear kitchen layout is it keeps the tongue weight low. This floorplan is well thought out, with the booth dinette in the kitchen area, and the couch and two chairs directly across from each other for easy visiting with friends and family. The kitchen area features and a U-shaped design, providing maximum counter and cupboard space. Stainless steel microwave and stove with oven.

The sink is the new design, large bowl harvest style sink, with the high rise restaurant style faucet with detachable spray hose. Cabinet space is plentiful, with a large 2 door pantry beside the fridge, and deep drawers under the stove and at the counter end. Large cabinets above the sink provide extra kitchen storage, while additional cabinets above the couch and recliners provide storage for all kinds of odds and ends.

Tho the floorplan is a couples trailer, there is sleeping for 6 if you utilize the dinette and the flip out couch.

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Jerry Rental Application – 53rd Street – East Sacramento duplex – 2bed – 1 bath: Pauline Rental Application – 25th Street – Midtown rental house – 2bed – 1. Feature your rentals on Sacrentals. Sacrentals is optimized for our world wide I-Phone and Android audience. We reach ‘s of out of town clients transferring to Sacramento with great jobs and credit profiles.

Follow these steps to install your own utility sink. How to Install a Sink in an Antique Vanity. Connect it to the existing faucet or install a separate faucet for filtered water. Installing an Apron-Front Sink. Give your kitchen a farmhouse look with an antique-style sink.

But if you prefer to iron in the laundry room, consider one of these built-in space-savers instead. Drop-down board It stows in a recessed or wall-mount cabinet. Foldout board This compact board unfolds from behind a false drawer front shown for a seamless look. The Best Basket If You View as slideshow Photo by Alison Rosa Take sorting seriously: Traditional rectangular baskets are unwieldy and lead to scraped knuckles. The New and Improved Utility Sink View as slideshow Photo by Jurgen Frank Standard-issue plastic laundry tubs stain easily, lack under-sink storage, and are too deep to be practical.

A better option is a to inch-deep square or rectangular stainless-steel sink with curved, easy-to-clean corners. Paired with a gooseneck faucet or one with a pull-out spray, the setup is perfect for doing delicates, washing hands, and filling buckets and watering cans. Smart and Cheery Finish Materials View as slideshow Photo by Bob Stefko Chemicals, water, and soiled items tend to get splashed, sprayed, and dumped in a laundry room, so when it comes to finishes, prioritize durability and affordability over luxury.

But that doesn’t mean your room needs to be dull. Consider these hardworking, thrifty surface options that can also inject color and texture to liven up your laundry space. Floors Glue-down linoleum shown , cork, and vinyl floors shrug off moisture with less upkeep than wood and without the worry of ceramic tiles’ cracking or dingy grout lines.

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Contact Author Two copper supply lines connect to this dual-port angle stop. A quick trip to a local hardware store reveals many different types of faucet supply lines, sometimes called water supply tubes. Because the different styles are usually interchangeable, the supply line bought depends on the installer’s preference. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the differences include the material type, cost, durability and ease-of-installation.

3 Compartment Sinks Warewashing 3 Compartment Sinks Allow You To Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize Dirty Dishes in One Convenient Location A 3 compartment sink is great for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing in your dishroom or for cleaning food in your kitchen.

Not surprisingly, these motorhomes are a growing market segment in the RV industry. Traditionally, Ford and Chevy chassis have been the platforms of choice; however, the Sprinter van chassis powered by a Mercedes turbodiesel and a five-speed automatic transmission has been embraced by several motorhome builders, with others planning to follow.

In addition to enjoying the RV lifestyle and the residential luxuries associated with it, the Class B motorhome offers several unique benefits. Because this is the smallest class of motorhome, parking is less of an issue. This means the owner may be able to utilize his own residential driveway for parking. Those who prefer the Class B testify that it feels much like a large sedan when navigating through urban traffic and out on the Interstate.

The familiarity of the cab instrumentation and controls is another plus. For some, the utility of a Class B recreational vehicle is huge: It can be used to haul kids to soccer practice, run to the market, and launch a weekend getaway or an extended family vacation. A dozen Canadian and American manufacturers build Class B motorhomes that are sold in both countries, for the construction and safety standards used are certified and approved by both.

Some Class B manufacturers build only one model with one floor plan while others may offer several of each.

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Great money maker, you can easily make your money back in events Call if interested Contact Derek at Everything on this cart is custom built, from the frame on up. Commercial refrigerator, Plexiglas food compartment, custom spike toasters for Hawaiian sweet bread buns, 10 sauce pumps, water heater, cooler, sink, custom cover, and more.

32″ Deep sink in Utility J & M Homes LLC believes in providing the best possible experience possible. For all *BRAND NEW* homes that we sell, we include transportation to your prepared site within roughly 60 miles, set up on buyers prepared site, hookup water and sewer if properly stubbed up, interior sheetrock and finish work, installation.

Posted on July 4, by Alan Young This is the first of our detailed looks at the Pennine range over the years, to give a more specific insight into each model, the pros, cons and specifications that will be key in any potential purchasing decisions. The Pennine Aztec is the baby of the Pennine family, and was produced from to Although it has the lowest level of spec.

This is, primarily, because there is nothing like it in the Pennine range, either current or previous. Being so small, the Aztec is easier to tow and store than the other models in the range, and, hence, is a popular choice with first time users, especially those who are making the move from traditional tents and camping. The Basics The Aztec is a four berth folding camper, with basic kitchen facilities, including a cold water fed sink, 2 burner hob and grill, with loads of storage space, comfortable seating and two large beds one a double and the other a king size.

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In this photo we are using a jack hammer to remove the concrete where we will be laying the drain pipes. In this Long Beach warehouse we are installing for a kennel drainage system, washer and dryer hookup and a commercial utility sink. Here we have installed the drainage line hookup for a lavatory sink. Here we have installed the washer and utility sink drainage system. This is a picture of the kennel’s floor drain and under that is the P-trap which will prevent the gases in the drainage line from escaping.

Here is another photo of the under ground slab work on the drainage system.

I desire to hook up a utility sink nedst to the existing clothes washer in an enclosed garage area. The washer has existing hot and cold supply lines coming from the wall with a ¾” brass bibb.

Hook up vanity sink Have your helper turn on the water while you begin inspecting for leaks. The crosspiece that comes in the kit may or may not be long enough to make the connection between the disposer and other sink bowl drain pieces. House Hunters hook up vanity sink 10c. About Yolanda Perez hook up vanity sink Drain kits come in different materials and configurations, but installing them is a snap.

You have a couple of choices for drain kits: Both work well and are about equally easy to use. The main factor on deciding which one to use is cosmetic — will the drain line be visible? Hook up vanity sink basic, single-bowl kit includes. A trap bend or P-trapwhich forms a water-filled block to prevent sewer gas from coming up through the sink drain.

I have just removed my single sink vanity from my bathroom. I replaced it with a double sink vanity. I have water connections and drain for one sink rather than two seperate drains and waters connections for each sink. Are there shut off valves that allow for two water supply connections.

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