Embracing visitors with a multitude of culture, medieval history and an unmissable old-world charm, the capital of Hungary nestled picturesquely over the second largest river in Europe, River Danube, is a spell not so easy to come off! Having a wide plethora of must-sees and must-dos, it is the hidden treasures of Budapest that lend you reminiscent adventures making for life-long experiences. Listed below are some amazing things to do in Budapest, that will make you want to take off now! Ecseri Market – wartime memorabilia anyone? Head to the Ecseri Market located a little outside downtown Budapest. You may have to travel a bit, but rest assured the transit is absolutely worth the eclectic collection of antiquities here. Everything from wartime memorabilia to vintage classic cameras and gramophones here, each having a story to tell, is what you will find here. Visit early on a Saturday, when several vendors sprawl this space to sell their rustic treasures.


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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email From midnight mass to carol singing, there are plenty of Christmas traditions that are firmly part of the festivities. But there are a few Welsh traditions that you might not know about. Some are heart-warming, others are downright strange The skull would be decorated with bells and draped in a white sheet before being placed on top of a wooden pole. The figure would then be carried from door to door by a group challenging others to a battle of Welsh verse.

This strange tradition still takes place in some part of Wales and will run as part of a Widders annual event near Chepstow Castle on the 17 of January. Don’t get your Mari Lwyd out this Halloween 2. Carols by twilight Attending a Plygain service from 3am-6am on Christmas morning was once a key festive tradition in 19th century rural Wales. While many people would rise early for the service, most would stay awake through the night before attending.

This twilight tradition would involve unaccompanied male voices singing three or four part harmony carols in the local parish chapel as a way to see in the celebrations of Christmas Day. Once captured, the tiny bird would be caged in a wooden box and carried door-to-door for all to see. Christmas toffee Noson Gyflaith Toffee Evening was a traditional part of Christmas and New Year festivities in some areas of north Wales during the late 19th century.

Families would invite friends to their homes for supper followed by games, making toffee or taffy , and storytelling. Wassail bowls Drinking from the wassail bowl was a lucky New Year tradition in Wales at the turn of the century.

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Curated by JAR2 The Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power. The subtitle here of course is that the State is solely legitimate to suspect and investigate crimes. But what if the State itself is, in a systemic way, responsible for said crimes? It wouldn’t be a first; after all, democide death by government, a word surprisingly absent from conversations was the first cause of non-natural deaths in the 20th century.

Whether one is from the right, left, or center, one cannot deny government is the number one abuser, enslaver and serial-killer in History. We may honestly disagree on the ways to eradicate the phenomenon, or we may regret that fact, but we cannot deny it.

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Even as a once-in-a-thousand-year storm barreled into Houston, these two veterans of disaster response—Daniel A. Craig and Daniel J. Kaniewski—found themselves sitting on their hands. Both had been nominated as deputy administrators in July, but Congress went on its long August recess without taking action on either selection—despite the fact that both are eminently qualified for the jobs. Leaving the roles open as the annual Atlantic hurricane season arrived was the clearest recent sign that FEMA—an agency whose success or failure translates directly into human suffering avoided or exacerbated—barely registers in Washington.

In fact, FEMA has always been an odd beast inside the government—an agency that has existed far from the spotlight except for the occasional high-stakes appearance during moments of critical need. It can disappear from the headlines for years in between a large hurricane or series of tornadoes. During the past seven decades, the agency has evolved from a top-secret series of bunkers designed to protect US officials in case of a nuclear attack to a sprawling bureaucratic agency tasked with mobilizing help in the midst of disaster.

The transition has not been smooth, to say the least. Over the following decades, it migrated regularly between different departments and underwent nearly a dozen name changes and agency affiliations before eventually becoming the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the s.

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This info is the best I have seen, both in Law Enforcement and to the Public. What you are about to see is a well organized conspiracy to have sex with children. It is a shame that we even have to deal with this but life demands it: I recently posted a comment left by a supposed self-proclaimed pedophile, in which he suggests my pedophile symbol collection is outdated by listing variants he and his ilk often use to fool the public.

After posting the comment, I was asked for more information on the symbols. Pedobear is said to have originally begun as a way for young members of chan sites 4chan, 7chan, 12chan… to call attention to pedophiles in their midst pretending to be kids to get their information.

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It was erected from to around the central dome of the former Bavarian Army Museum, which had been built in at the site of the Hofgartenkaserne barracks and was demolished during the Second World War. After its destruction during the war, the two side wings were torn off, the central building was for a ruin for decades. By , however, the 52 metre high dome with its copper coverage was restored. The remnants of some renaissance arcades of the Hofgarten in the north were integrated to the building.

The two new wings are covered in full length with glazed stairs in the style of Jacob’s Ladders, giving the impression of ship stairs. At the request of then-Prime Minister Max Streibl an intimate space with wood panelling and furnishings, “Zirbelstube” was inserted after the reception room of the Prime Minister, who caused a stir because of high costs.

The comprehensive list of Escorts acronyms and abbreviations by All Acronyms dictionary.

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Unless the sweepstakes is governed by a separate set of official rules, each sweepstakes begins the moment it is announced on KTLA-TV for the first time, and ends at one of the two times indicated below: For a sweepstakes that includes a prize that may be used only on the same day as the sweepstakes announcement, the sweepstakes will end when the minimum number of entries required to select a winner has been received, or two 2 hours after the sweepstakes announcement, whichever comes sooner.

There are two methods of entering sweepstakes governed by these rules:

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An article showing a better version of the map says that it’s from , which explains why it shows the stations at Bad Aibling and Sabena Seca, both of which have since closed. On this weblog we also discussed the first five slides and the following four slides , which were additionally published by the Post.

The Brazilian television showed two new pictures, the first is the fifth slide published by The Guardian, but only showing the world map with fiber optic cables, and without the text balloons about “Upstream” and “PRISM” collection methods, which apparently show up after clicking the original powerpoint presentation: The slide which is below was not published earlier. Maybe the codenames of other programs are in the yellow box at the right side: An eleventh slide of the PRISM presentation appeared on the website of O Globo, some days after the previous slides were shown on television.

It seems the bottom part of this slide was blacked out by Brazilian media, as the Indian paper The Hindu disclosed that this slide also mentions “politics, space, nuclear” as topics under the header “India”, and also information from Asian and African countries is contributing to a total of ” End product Reports”.

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